Frequently asked questions

1How much is a log home?

The price of a home depends on the quadrature of log walls. The price of a 100 m2 home may vary depending on the number of square meters of wood needed to build a log home. In this case the price of a 100 m2 home can be 17000-23000 euros. The price still can change depending on the quantity of internal log partitions and what will be the height of the ceiling.

This is just an example of a fairly large residential home. Maybe you need a smaller object, which can be built at a lower budget.

2What kind of wood is used in the log home construction?

Log homes are built entirely of pine.

Let's say it cannot be built of spruce, because it twists. There is a chance that over time a certain percentage of walls (about 5-10%) will break through and you will see the street from inside.

3Are the log homes that you build suitable to live in the winter when it's very cold?

Everything depends on the choice of construction technology. We offer two options:

First. Log homes by Norwegian technology, which are really suitable to live in the winter.

Second. Round log technology. There are people who build homes of round logs and live in them year-round, but this technology is not suitable for the cold season. Built by this technology homes are used more as cottages or outbuildings.

4What is the price of a home?

The price of a log home is calculated based on the quadrature of log walls. Norwegian angle today costs 78 EUR, whereas of round logs - 41 EUR. All prices are excluding VAT.

5What is included in the price?

The price includes:

  • external log walls
  • internal log walls
  • ceiling
  • arches
  • roof beam
  • construction of a balcony and terrace

6Are the logs used in the construction impregnated?

Yes, all the logs used in the construction are impregnated immediately after cutting. Otherwise the impregnation doesn't work completely.

7How to reduce the cost of a log home?

During the designing, when all internal wall partitions are coordinated with each client, where it is possible to save a little. Some or even most of the partitions can be framed, which is cheaper. Moreover, sometimes it is also possible to reduce the height of walls, so that the cost can be reduced by 25-30%.

8What material is used for sealing between logs?

Mainly only flax is used, but if a customer wishes other sealing material, it is possible.

9Can you fully equip the (turnkey) home?

Yes, we can. As the home settles, you should know how to properly insert windows, doors and how to install internal frame partitions. If it is provided that the work will not be performed by our masters, we figure out at the beginning of the project, how to do it with other masters who will be responsible for it. However, in some countries we have no right to perform electrical wiring and drainage work.

10Is it possible to make internal partitions from thinner logs?

We do not recommend to do so - it is better to install frame partitions. After construction the home settles and if partitions are thinner, then the settling process will run differently and incorrectly, which can cause additional construction problems.

11Does the price of a home also include its assembly on the site of a customer?

No, it doesn't. This service is not very expensive. The price is calculated depending on where the site is located.

The assembly price of a 100 m2 home in Lithuania is 1500-2500 LTL, abroad - depending on the country, 1200-2300 euros.

12How many trucks are needed for home transportation?

100 m2 home usually fits into one truck.

13Is there a difference in which home to build, one- or two-storey?

As for comfort - it is different for everyone.

As for finance - it is cheaper to build a two-storey home.

The price of one floor will be higher that two, because:

  • foundation area, therefore also the price, is larger
  • frame is also more expensive
  • roof quadrature is much higher.

14Do you build log homes only by your offered plans or individual ones are also possible?

Since for every family home is a big investment, mostly homes are built by individual plans.

15If I have a brick home plan, can you build a log home by it?

To answer specifically, we would need to see your existing plan. In most cases it is possible and we happened to do it. In the brick home plans sometimes it is necessary to change the layout of internal partitions, whereas the rest is fine.

16What should be the foundation for a log home?

There is no difference. Sometimes homes are built even on piles. In this case, more attention should be paid to the place where the site is located and on the basis of it set requirements for the construction of foundation.

17What is the proper way of arranging the electrical system in a log home?

Openings are drilled or there is a possibility of arrival to our workshop, when a home is already built. You would decide here, where you would like to have certain switches, sockets, etc.

18What roof is it best of all to use for a log home?

The best roof for a log home - heavy roof, to create pressure on the home settling process. In the Scandinavian countries people use a green roof i.e. cover with earth. Here, in Lithuania, it is not very popular, therefore it is better to use tiles. If you are concerned about the very high price of tiles, then use concrete tiles that are only slightly more expensive than bituminous tiles or a tin roof.

19What is the longevity of a log home?

A log home will serve at least 100 years.